Scott (scootah) wrote,


my social capital is less than 10!
my rating position is 46,881!
perhaps these are suboptimal!
i need a smiley face or something to tell if these are adequate or if i am under-performing. :(

i kind of miss the old lj days. if you are reading this, i hope you are doing well!
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You're aliveeeeeeee! :)
you too! how are you doing? :) what are you up to these days?
Doing well, I think of you on my whirlwind trips to Kingston. One of these times we'll be able to cross paths again!

Working as a developer at BlackBerry at the moment, enjoying myself so that is good :)
Just logged in for the first time in two years!!
welcome back! how are you doing? :)
Oops.. that anonymous comment was from me. Hi :)
hello! :) how are you? what are you up to these days?
Living in London, England... qualified as a primary school teacher and did that for the last year, but now I'm possibly going back for a Masters in Drama and Movement Therapy. Or possibly moving to Edinburgh. You?
wow! grats on going to england, sounds very exciting, and i might be a bit jealous. :B why are you thinking about the master's degree?

i wrapped a ph.d in computing a few years ago and am now on faculty at queen's in kingston. however, it's temporary, so i'm looking for a software job or entrepreneurial thing once i'm done. but life is very good. :)